What is a NATURAL or GREEN funeral?

A green funeral would be a funeral where the deceased person is not embalmed, or is embalmed using “green” or “natural” substances. It is also possible to keep a body cool for viewing using dry ice. A green funeral would be a funeral service where an emphasis would be placed on reducing the environmental footprint of the entire service. Currently, there is only one funeral home in Ontario specializing in green funerals and burials – eco Cremation & Burial Services.

However, it is possible to request a green or natural funeral from any funeral home. Some ways that the environmental footprint of a funeral can be reduced would be one where, if a viewing is desired, the body is contained in a biodegradable container (a shroud or environmentally constructed rigid container) and is not embalmed; instead of floral tributes, donations are made to charities OR live plants are used to decorate or honour the deceased; memorial, prayer cards or orders of service are printed on recycled paper, using vegetable dyes and inks; vehicles used in procession are hybrids or have high fuel economy; the funeral establishment uses Bullfrog Power or has other practices in place to reduce power and/or water consumption. Another way to reduce the environmental footprint of a funeral is to consider a home funeral.

The founder and director of eco Cremation & Burial, Nathan Romagnoli, is a keynote speaker at the Natural Death Expo, and eco will also be an exhibitor. Visit him at the Expo or check out his website for more information.